Swingerclub party literotica neu

swingerclub party literotica neu

They were very friendly and funny, and the conversation flowed freely. I was right, the tongue probed deeper and eventually forced its way into my puckered opening. "I'm so fucking horny right now.

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By the time I returned with our drinks, she was engaged in conversation with a couple she introduced as John and Becky. She gave me an exasperated sigh, and rose to her feet. My nipples were already hard and getting harder, and my pussy was getting wet, as this questioning went on, so I nodded my acceptance. It's because I'm a Leb, isn't it?" "Your ethnicity has nothing to do with it! "What was that all about?" I whispered to her as we made our way through the crowd toward the kitchen. Annie was 35 years old (and I was 43) and is a petit 5'- 4" and weighs 110 lbs, she has perfect 34C breasts with dark sensitive nipples that get hard with the slightest touch, sometimes just rubbing against the silk fabric of her blouse. "Take it off Elanna, we want to see your beautiful cunt!" the guys yelled. I love anal sex, it gives me the best orgasms! "And no fucking your own wife or girlfriend till the last fuck of the night." Steve continued. She turned to him and he whispered something to her, she nodded, turned to us and said "See you guys a bit later and walked off, hand in hand, with the stranger. Their heads were bobbing up and down, and the men appeared very happy. Her beautiful breasts and dark nipples were clearly visible. Annie sat down in the chair in front of her computer and began to open up the video chat program. "My god Catherine your tits are sensational, don't you agree Steve?" More vigorous nodding of the head. On the back deck, there were two couples sitting in the hot tub. I volunteered to refill our cups one last time, and headed downstairs to the bar with an erection still straining against my pants. That was until I felt hands on the cheeks of my bum, pulling the cheeks apart, then a tongue berlin gloryhole artemis saunaclub probing at my anus. He took one side of the zipper and pulled it, the material scraping over my extended nipple, fully exposing my left breast. It sent more electric jolts straight to my nerve centre, my pussy! The girls were all wearing panties, short mini skirts, or tight jeans and most had something on covering their breasts, two girls however were already topless. His reaction was instantaneous as he placed one hand on the back of my head, the other reaching down to my right breast, squeezing and rubbing the nipple between his fingers. She then beckoned to her husband, Jim, who greeted us with a warm handshake and led us on a short tour. The apartment belonged to friends of Alan Anne, a New Zealand couple we'd met the summer before at a nudist retreat, and had stayed swinging friends with. My moans of ecstasy were muffled by the cock still emptying the cum down my throat. The room was empty, and they moved to the side where they couldn't be seen from the open door. We were also instructed to change the bed sheets upon entering the room. He drew back slowly until his cock was almost completely out of me then eased forward again, then back slowly then forward again, the pace increasing slightly with each thrust. We had met Steve thru Annie's friend Eric who had fucked her a few times and then we later met his wife Lisa who is very much a hot wife. My wife was heading into a room to fuck another d she was asking yet another guy to join us? We were told there was a time limit of forty-five minutes on all of the rooms, and that they were awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. I made my way back through the kitchen to the front entryway and peered outside.

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