Steinhausen single watch winder

steinhausen single watch winder

on your  dresser! Treat  yourself to this exquisite, limited-edition piece or surprise a friend, loved  one or business associate today! The Steinhausen Quad Automatic Watch winders silent motor will replace the natural movements of your hand and wrist that automatically wind your watch while you wear. Beyond its  elegant looks, this watch winder is ultra silent when in operation, and its  Spiral Watch Winder technology includes an intermittent timer and bi  directional controls to ensure all of your automatic watches are kept wound,  regardless of their make or manufacturer. . steinhausen single watch winder

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Additional Storage Area: Drawer with seven watch slots, one for rings and cufflinks. The exterior of this finely crafted winder is coated with eight layers of high-gloss black lacquer, applied over a period of about 30 days. The winders convex lid with viewing window makes this piece the ideal  storage option for your favorite watches. . Inside, the box is lined with a black interior. This  elegant, handcrafted watch winder is perfect for keeping even the finest  automatic watches wound! . Keep up to four of your cherished automatic watches wound even when they are not being worn. steinhausen single watch winder

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